What you’ll learn
Automate your trading & research so you’re able to trade the market while you’re asleep, traveling or at work
Be ahead of the curve and be a financial market disrupter
How to code and write up your own trading algorithms
How to automate your trading strategies and market research
How to optimize your strategy to get the best possible results
How to back test your strategy and find the right market conditions for your strategy
How to run a portfolio of trading algorithms on multiple assets and charts
How to exploit market inefficiencies and time your trades to the millisecond

€“Why Algorithmic Trading?
What we will cover in this course

€“Lets setup our algorithmic trading infrastructure
Our algorithmic trading platform setup

€“Computer programming
Variables and Constants
Types of variables & variable type int
Variable type var
Variable type bool
Variable type string
Important notes on variables & the fundamentals of algorithmic trading
Statement blocks
Function main & function run
Print function
Commenting out code
Variable type char
Variable type vars & series
Global and local variables
if statement
while loop

€“Trade execution
Trade entry functions – enterLong & enterShort
Reverse Long/Short

€“Build a portfolio of trading algorithms
Time to code our first trading algorithm. Theory & data
Your algorithmic trading Manuel
What now?

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