What you’ll learn
Have a full understanding of a profitable Trading Strategy
Trade with a solid strategy
In-depth knowledge of Chart Patterns
Choose the perfect Time Frame for your Trading
Use the most popular and effective tools of Technical Analysis
Analyze price movements in a logical way
Understand why prices move
Recognize key Supply and Demand levels
Analyze the Trend with a Solid Setup
Immediately recognize Trading opportunities on the Chart
Place different orders on the Forex market
Understand how the variable 1% Money Management works
Understand how the 1% of MAX Money Management works
Calculate the Kelly Criterion
Recognize a good profit percentage
Recognize a good drawdown
Read the Candlestick Chart
Understand how Moving Averages work
How to Trade using the concepts of Rejection and Breakout

My Contacts 

€“Introduction to the Strategy
Discretionary, Semi-Automated and Automated Trading 
The Time Frames for This Strategy 
Currency Pairs for This Strategy 
A Look at the Complete Strategy 

€“The 3 Moving Averages Method
Moving Average 
Parameters for Your Three Moving Averages 
Evaluating the Trend With The 3 Moving Averages Method 

€“Essential Concepts for This Course
Candlestick Chart 
Supply and Demand in a Candlestick 
Bonus Lecture: Resources to Study Candlestick 
Supply and Demand on a Forex Chart 

€“Finding Key Levels
Swing Points 
Support and Resistance 
Spotting Trends 

€“Trading Key Levels
Trading the Rejection: Limit Entry Order
Trading the Breakout: Stop Entry Order

€“Putting it All Together
Setup for The Trading Strategy
Analysis of NZD/USD
Analysis of USD/CAD
Analysis of AUD/USD
Analysis of EUR/USD
Analysis of USD/JPY

€“Exit Points For Your Trades
Fixed Stop Loss
Discretionary Stop Loss
Trailing Stop Order
Fixed Take Profit
Discretionary Take Profit
A Look at the Entire Trade
Scaling Out of Your Trade

€“Money Management
Introduction to this Section
Risk Tolerance
Variable 1%
1% of MAX
Kelly Criterion

€“Live Trades
About this Section
My Live Trading Account

+Different Variations
4 lectures08:26
Setup for the M5
Setup for the M30
Setup for the H1
Setup for the H4

+Questions From Students
Change of Setup During a Trade
Solve a Common Problem on the MetaTrader 4
Trading the Stock Market
Trading The News
Trading Journal

How to be a Successful Trader
What to Expect from The Strategy
Bonus Lecture: Discount for all the other courses

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