Bitcoin and Blockchain Fundamentals For Beginners

What you’ll learnTalk like an expert about BitcoinPass the CBP exam and then add the Certified Bitcoin Professional qualificationUnderstand what Steemit blogging is and how to use the platformUnderstand what EOS software and cryptocurrency isBuy first bit of Bitcoin on Coinbase or BlockchaininfoBlog on Steemit to get Steem cryptocurrencyApply for a Bitcoin job in programming, […]

Candlestick Chart Pattern & Renko Trading (2 Course Bundle)

What you’ll learnKnow when to enter or exit the trade according to Renko and Candlestick ChartsLearn Simple Candlestick Patterns for Swing Trading like Dragonfly Doji, Hanging Man, Shooting Star & OthersLearn how Renko Chart Works in Swing TradingLearn Complex Candlestick patterns for Swing Trading Like Bearish Harami Cross, Dark Cloud Cover, Morning Star & OthersRefresh […]

Forex Trading Price Action: Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

What you’ll learnHave a full understanding of a profitable Trading StrategyTrade with a solid strategyIn-depth knowledge of Chart PatternsChoose the perfect Time Frame for your TradingUse the most popular and effective tools of Technical AnalysisAnalyze price movements in a logical wayUnderstand why prices moveRecognize key Supply and Demand levelsAnalyze the Trend with a Solid SetupImmediately […]

The Algorithmic Trading Blueprint | Learn Algo Trading

What you’ll learnAutomate your trading & research so you’re able to trade the market while you’re asleep, traveling or at workBe ahead of the curve and be a financial market disrupterHow to code and write up your own trading algorithmsHow to automate your trading strategies and market researchHow to optimize your strategy to get the […]