What you’ll learn
Know when to enter or exit the trade according to Renko and Candlestick Charts
Learn Simple Candlestick Patterns for Swing Trading like Dragonfly Doji, Hanging Man, Shooting Star & Others
Learn how Renko Chart Works in Swing Trading
Learn Complex Candlestick patterns for Swing Trading Like Bearish Harami Cross, Dark Cloud Cover, Morning Star & Others
Refresh their Swing Trading knowledge
Learn Candlestick Chart Trading through Different Simple and Complex Patterns
A simple trick to know your odds of success in Swing Trading
Become a Expert Renko and Candlestick as a Swing Trader
Use little-known techniques to greatly reduce Swing Trading risk and maximize profits

€“Introduction to Candlestick & Renko Trading Course
Promo to Candlestick & Renko Trading Course

€“Candlestick History & Details
What is Candlestick Chart?
History of Candlestick charts
Formation of Candlestick

€“Simple Candlestick Pattern for Swing Trading
Different Charts to understand Technical analysis
Big Black Candle for Chart Pattern Trading
Candlestick: Big White Candle
Candlestick Chart Pattern: Black Body
Candlestick Chart Pattern: Doji
Candlestick Chart Pattern: Dragonfly Doji
What is Dragonfly Doji? 
Gravestone Doji
Long-Legged Doji
Hanging Man
Inverted Hammer
Long Lower Shadow
Long Upper Shadow
Shooting Star
Spinning Top
White Body
Shaven Bottom
Shaven Head
Inverted Black Hammer

€“Complex Candlestick Patterns for Swing Trading
What is Complex Chart pattern?
What is a Reversal Pattern
Bearish Harami
Bearish Harami Cross
Three White Soldiers
Homework1: Find & Make a Chart showing Three White Soldiers Bullish Pattern? 
Bearish 3-Method Formation
Bullish 3-Method Formation
Bullish Harami
Bullish Harami Cross
How to Get a Free Technical Analysis Software?
Dark Cloud Cover
Engulfing Bearish Line
Evening Doji Star
Evening Star
Engulfing Bullish
Falling Window
Morning Doji Star
Morning Star
On Neckline
Three Black Crows
Doji Star Bearish
Tweezer Bottoms
Tweezer Tops
Doji Star Bullish
Piercing Line
Rising Window
Bearish 2-Method Formation
Bullish 2-Method Formation

€“Renko Chart Swing Trading Course
Promo Renko Course
Introduction to Renko Course

€“Renko Chart for Swing Trading Details
What is Renko Chart?
Renko Chart Details

€“Hands-On Renko Chart for Swing Trading
Understanding Renko Chart
Renko Chart Includes 
Google Renko Chart (Example of Swing Trading)
Netflix Renko Chart
Homework2: Make a Chart With Buy Sell Signal. 
MSFT Renko Chart
Demo Account
Reliance Renko Chart
XOM Renko Chart

€“Bonus Lecture

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