What you’ll learn
Talk like an expert about Bitcoin
Pass the CBP exam and then add the Certified Bitcoin Professional qualification
Understand what Steemit blogging is and how to use the platform
Understand what EOS software and cryptocurrency is
Buy first bit of Bitcoin on Coinbase or Blockchaininfo
Blog on Steemit to get Steem cryptocurrency
Apply for a Bitcoin job in programming, sales, marketing, services…
Pass the Certified Bitcoin Professional Exam
Know what an Altcoin is
Know what a Bitcoin wallet is
Know what a Cryptocurrency exchange is
Know how to convert Bitcoin to fiat
Know how to withdraw Bitcoin to fiat to their bank

Bitcoin June 2019 $11,000+ & Facebook Coin Libra
My Certified Bitcoin Professional Qualification
Introduction to Bitcoin
Get Your Bitcoin Wallets And See How I Get Bitcoin
Advanced Security Options to harden your wallet
Bitcoin Certification
Who Invented Bitcoin?

€“Bitcoin Miners and Their Role
MinersGate How Much Bitcoin Will You Get?
The Role of Bitcoin Miners
How Bitcoins Enter into Circulation and Are Used in Transactions
Blockchain, Hashtag etc Practice Yourself Demo & Resource For You

€“Get A Bitcoin Wallet For Free, Earn Small Amount Bitcoin
Easiest way to earn tiny amount of Bitcoin

€“Different Ways To Buy Bitcoin
Websites to change USD, GBP etc to Bitcoin
Buy Bitcoin with paypal, western union, amazon, ebay etc
Buy Bitcoin with cash with apps, ATM machines

€“Bitcoin Now Widely Accepted As Payment
Bitcoins: Which Stores, Companies, Big Businesses Accept Bitcoin As Payment?

€“Bitcoin What, Where, How…
Bitcoin Price Prediction
Satoshis Bitcoin Rules
The Bitcoin Economy
How do Bitcoins work?
How to use Bitcoin
Virtual Field Trip: The Bitcoin Blockchain at Work!

€“Become A Bitcoin Miner
Bitcoin Miner Process & Rewards
Bitcoin Miner Step-by-Step
Best Cryptocurrencies To Mine

€“Blockchain Explanation
The Blockchain
The Bitcoin Blockchain & Satoshis Genesis Block
The Value of Blockchain: Cryptocurrency
The Value of Blockchain: Digital Tokens

€“Bitcoin Resources
Bitcoin Talk – The 10,000 Bitcoin Pizza
Choose Your Wallet
Live Bitcoin Block Explorer
Bitcoin Cash
Bits Online

€“Bitcoin: Bitcoin Exam

+History of Money and Ledger-based Economics
Centralized Ledgers
Functions of Currency
Distributed Consensus
History of Bitcoin
Price Derivation

+Basic Cryptography
Digital Signatures

+Bitcoin Basics
Bitcoin Community
Bitcoin Addresses and Keys
Bitcoin Transactions
Bitcoin Blockchain Ledger
bitcoin the Unit
Bitcoin the Network
Buying and Selling Bitcoin
Blockchain Explorer

Purpose and Function
Mining Pools
Mining Hardware
Security and Centralization

+Wallets, Clients and Key Management
Bitcoin Clients
Deterministic Wallets (AKA BIP32)
Passphrase-Encrypted Wallets (AKA BIP38)
Backup! WIF. ECDSA. .Importing and Exporting

+Bitcoin Commerce
Bitcoin as a Merchant
Bitcoin Payment Processors
Secure Payment Protocol (AKA BIP70)

+Steemit Introduction
What is Steemit.com?
New Steemit Site Design Nov 1st 2017
$1- $1,000 per day case studies on Steemit
Income case studies submit your stories different subjects and tags
Open a Bitcoin wallet
Repurpose your existing website content, photos, videos, etc
Steemit Founder

+Join Steemit
Join at Steemit.com
Log in to Steemit
Add your profile
Get paid by Steemit.com in 7 days
Followers and following fellow Steemians
How your Steem Power influences other Steemians payments
How to promote your stories to earn more
SteemIt curation rewards strategy for beginners
6 tips that guarantee your success on SteemIt
Steemit: Editor, Video, Edit
Steemit: Mark Down Editor, Images
Promote your stories in the first 30 minutes with Minnowbooster, Steem Chat
Delegate Steem Power To A Booster Robot
13 Ways to Promote Your Next Steemit Post
Steemit Chrome Extension
Who Accepts Bitcoins As Payment? List Of Companies, Stores, Shops…
Earn Steem from Steemit
#1 New Blogging & Social Media Website Steemit
Steem is a currency a Cryptocurrency
What are cryptocurrencies?
Submit a story, replies. comments and rewards

+Understanding Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars
Steemit Blockchain and Witnesses explanation
Submit a story to Steemit.com
Avoid copyright infringement with free pixabay, google images
Free graphic design software canvas
Websites to change USD, GBP etc to Bitcoin
Buy Bitcoin with paypal, western union, amazon, ebay etc
Buy Bitcoin with cash with apps, ATM machines, etc
At Bitstamp make a deposit to buy Bitcoin
At Steemit buy Steem
At Steemit buy Bitcoin with Steem
Withdraw Money From Steemit

+Let us start our EOS journey right now!
My Certified Bitcoin Professional Qualification
Official eos.io website
EOS on Twitter
EOS on Steemit
Dan Larimer visonary programmer EOS Steemit Bitshares
What are cryptocurrencies?

+Step-by-Step: How to Join EOS ICO
Buy Ethereum
Enter EOS.io ICO
Current price of EOS Token
ICO Review of: EOS (EOS tokens on Ethereum blockchain)

+Buy Bitcoin to Buy Ethereum to Buy EOS Tokens
At Bitstamp make a deposit to buy Bitcoin
At Steemit buy Bitcoin with Steem
Blockchain example Steemit and other ways to buy Bitcoin

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